A poetry collection from graduate student Morteza Dehghani


Congratulations to PhD English Candidate Morteza Dehghani on the forthcoming publication of his poetry collection Send My Roots Rain. The collection is published by North Waterloo Academic Press.  In 2012 Morteza was awarded the departmental Graduate Creative Writing Award for poetry.

From the Introduction, by Farasha Euker:

Each poem in this collection deserves an exhaustive commentary, but what can the scholar say that the reader cannot know better with their own heart? Each of Morteza’s poems exudes a certain undefinable presence, which must be felt to be understood. Read each of these poems; read them quickly at first, then read them again ever so slowly, letting their words pass into your mind and their deeper meanings penetrate your soul. The hearts and souls of men and women in the modern world have become dried and shriveled, but spiritual verse can be akin to a watering of the soul, which leads to a most fruitful germination. The current generation of young writers is spiritually lost, but, just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, Morteza’s poetry points towards a new, revitalized, and exciting spiritual poetry.

In case you can’t wait for the collection’s release, you can read some of Morteza’s work here.


2 responses to “A poetry collection from graduate student Morteza Dehghani

  1. Looking forward to the book…beautiful imagery.

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