Creative? Then the UW English Society wants your work!


The UW English Society will be publishing another edition of Codex this term. Students, staff, and faculty are ALL encouraged to submit an original piece. Send your poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, essays, lyrics, or literary comics!

Submissions will be due Tuesday February 25th at 2:00pm.
Please send your submissions and/or questions to


3 responses to “Creative? Then the UW English Society wants your work!

  1. Speaking for not-terribly-good amateur poets such as myself, I appreciate that Codex is open to the UWaterloo community at large, offering us a chance to see our work in print! It motivates us to try harder. Thank you UW English Society!

    • Your poetry is very good! The thing that I most enjoyed about that poem of yours that in the latest Codex was that all the lines were smushed together without any punctuation, which forced me to reread the poem again and again and really focus on the imagery. I loved how each time the picture got clearer and clearer.

  2. Thank you very much! But yours is much better: more original, imaginative and no cliches. I’ll try my best for Codex 2014.

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