Waterloo Tunnel Tour (Or, how to get coffee without going outside)


As you may have noticed, it’s been a bit cold this winter. So it strikes me that a few posts on how to get around campus without going underground might be in order–also, my graduate students have asked. This post covers how to get from South Campus Hall (the bookstore) to Hagey Hall, and from Hagey Hall to: a) the Tim Hortons in Modern Languages; and b) the Williams coffee shop in Environment 3.


You may have seen this set of doors in South Campus Hall. If you haven’t, stand with your back to the Tim Hortons: there you are. Descend into the 1960s.


There is a side-tunnel to TC, the career services building, but continue straight, turn right, and you will find yourself underneath Arts Lecture Hall. From there you can either ascend, or take another tunnel on your left.


When you get to the end of this tunnel, you have a choice: go right, and you will be in Modern Languages Tim Hortons. Go right, and you will be in Environment 1. If you want to continue to Hagey, when presented with a fork in the path stay to the left, follow the stairs one flight up, and you will find yourself in History, around the rooms in the 120s. If you go up one more floor, you are in the 230s (Economics).

If you prefer the edibles at Williams, take the right to Environment 1. Keep straight through the double doors, and go left at the EV coffee shop


and then make a quick right through the double doors to EV3, and a quick left through the next doors. Follow the corridor around, past rooms that look like this:


until you get to this space. See those doors on the right? They take you into the foyer of EV3 and Williams.


A note: it’s a 33 second dash from South Campus Hall to DWE, which will take you all the way across campus to E5, M3, B2, QNC, etc. To the best of my knowledge, the Library, the University Club, and everything across the creek requires a greater willingness to brave the elements.


6 responses to “Waterloo Tunnel Tour (Or, how to get coffee without going outside)

  1. Such memories. I was always so glad to be able to use these tunnels.

  2. As a first year, I loved the tunnels. Now I find them disappointing and useless. Plus, parts of them make me exercise, which I don’t appreciate.

  3. I remember using the tunnels a great deal more when I was an undergrad than I do now. Maybe it’s the exercise I object to. But this ridiculously cold winter also warrants a shout out to the “superterranian” tunnel that traverses University Ave from the parking lot into DWE. Protection from the windchill plus a birds’ eye view of traffic.

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