In the News: Almunus and Tech Blogger Tom Emrich


Below, an excerpt of the article in The Record by journalist Terry Pender.

“Tech obsession becomes career for UW grad”

Tom Emrich walks into a coffee shop for an interview about wearable technology sporting a snazzy black plastic bowtie made on a 3D printer.

After settling into a chair, Emrich reaches into his satchel and fills the table with wearable gadgets — Pebble smartwatch, Sony smartwatch, Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Google Glass glasses, Jawbone UP, Misfit Shine, Nike Fuelband, the Fitbit Flex and LumoBack

Emrich blogs and consults full-time on this stuff.

“When I got Glass that’s when I decided I would switch my career focus to wearable technology,” Emrich says.

“I put it on, that is when I said: ‘Whoa, this is where we are going. This is the future. I need to be part of this in anyway I can,’ ” he says.

Google Glass is expected to hit the market this year. It has a voice-controlled computer inside eyeglass frames with a small display screen in front of the right eye. It can translate documents in foreign languages, take pictures, shoot video, display maps, make calls, take calls and much more.

“My angle has always been understanding the value proposition for the end user,” Emrich says. “Making technology approachable for the everyday person and making sure they see value in it.”

After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a degree in English literature in 2000, Emrich carved this niche for himself in tech.

You can read the rest here. Where to find Tom online: “He is the co-founder of Wearable App Review, the first app review site for wearable devices, editor-in-chief for Designers of Things, a blog focused on the Internet of Things, and writes for MobileSyrup and Betakit, specializing on wearable tech and emerging technology.”


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