Top Ten Words in Place Posts of 2013


Have you been following Words in Place faithfully? Here’s a chance to test your knowledge by seeing how many of the year’s top ten posts you’ve read. It’s somewhat arbitrary, I admit: posts which appeared earlier have had a longer period to accumulate more traffic, and this doesn’t account for those who read posts by scrolling down the homepage. But then again, end of year top ten posts are hardly scientific.

First, the honorable mentions:  some posts appear, are read, but don’t generate ongoing interest. Others continue to bring in readers, hence our honorable mentions. These include Warren Ober’s guest post (for reasons to do with Pearl Harbor) and 10 Jane Austen oddities in popular culture (for reasons which should be obvious). I wouldn’t be surprised if, in time, they surpass a few of the below in popularity.

For now, here you are:

What is your favorite Literary Tourism site?

Post-War Lesbian Publishing, Roller Derby, and PhD Studies: Clare Bermingham

Discovering English: Undergraduate Student Malak Mokaddem

From Co-op and Corporations to Music: Alumna Heather Hill

New Media and the City: PostDoc Nicholas Balaisis

From Waterloo to Bath, UK: Alumna Laura Baker

Theatre review: Transience

Employed in the Arts: Alumnus Mark Carter

From Iran to Canada: PhD candidate Saeed Sabzian

Facebook, Death, and Graduate School: Alumna Heidi Ebert

Hoping everyone enjoys the winter break!–JLH


2 responses to “Top Ten Words in Place Posts of 2013

  1. It was a great year for Words in Place! Thank you for your entertaining and enlightening posts.

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