Professors who dance: Dr. Sarah Tolmie


Our very own Sarah Tolmie and Jack Pender will be performing at the inaugural Night/Shift event in downtown Kitchener, a Nuit Blanche-style all-night arts festival, at 9:15 and 11:15 pm on 2 November, at Queen Street Yoga. The show, IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE BREAK GLASS, is a multimedia improvisation on Philip Glass’s Knee Play Four from Einstein on the Beach, featuring ballet, ballroom, and contact dancers, classical piano, and members of Jack’s band, including the stunning vocals of Danica Guenette, Wendy Tozer, and Emily Barker. Choreography by Dawn Parker, director of WICI; concept design Sarah Tolmie; piano Scott Straker. The show runs about 20 minutes, in between the DJed yoga classes they are offering that evening. Free. Fun. Exploratory.


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