St. Jerome’s Reading Series: 2013-2014 Authors Announced!


Ann Shin, one of the featured readers of this year’s St. Jerome’s reading series. The schedule is quite impressive.–JLH

The theme of this year’s Reading Series at St Jerome’s is LITERARTISTRY, to showcase literature’s dance with other artistic media. We feature writers whose work is often multi-modal, incorporating aspects of the graphic arts, of experimentation with sound, and of dramatic performance.

Here’s our exciting lineup for 2013-14:
Christian Campbell — Thursday 3 October, 4:30pm, STJ 3027
Ann Shin — Thursday 7 November, 4:30pm, STJ 3027
Steve McCaffery — Thursday 28 November, 8pm, STJ 3014
Gabe Foreman — Friday 24 January, 8pm, STJ 3027
Lisa Moore — Wednesday 26 February, 8pm, Siegfried Hall
rob mclennan — Wednesday 5 March, 4:30pm, STJ 2011
Daniel David Moses — Thursday 27 March, 4:30pm, STJ 3014
M. NourbeSe Philip — TBA

And, once again, before each reading up and coming creative writers from St Jerome’s and UWaterloo will be featured. For more see

3 responses to “St. Jerome’s Reading Series: 2013-2014 Authors Announced!

  1. Impressive list of authors, as usual, but I especially like the experimental approach that distinguish many of this season’s poets. Should be an eye-, ear- and mind-opening series of readings.

  2. Campbell’s poems (at least the ones I read New Caribbean Poetry, ed. Miller, Carcanet Press) are accessible (in a way that, say, John Ashbery isn’t), such as “Groove” or “Repatriation”–but then he pushes poetry to the edge in “On Listening to Shabba while Reading Cesaire.” How would he read aloud parts of that poem? Should be fun!

  3. M. NourbeSe Philip is now scheduled to read Oct.24 at 4:30 pm, rm 3027, SJU. I’ll finally be able to hear her! Kudos to Professors Austen and Connolly for bringing her here! Now if only they would produce a book about Caribbean-Canadian poetry and poetics…

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