English at 50! Now for the Fire Sale

In 2011, the Department of English Language and Literature celebrated its 50th birthday. Generations of students and professors revisited their alma mater, taking part in a variety of events and lectures. The partying was so awesome we intend to do it again in 2061!

Relive our quinquageneray orgy of self-congratulation and glad-handing by purchasing fine semicentennial swag at kinda-just-fell-off-the-truck prices!


Bamboo t-shirt


regular t-shirt



Now available: t-shirts and polos  at $5 adult sizes, $4 for youth sizes. The 50th anniversary logo was designed by our own Dr. Acheson. (Hanger and doorknobs not included.)

If you would like to order one or more, send an email to our haberdashery officer at amcmurry@uwaterloo.ca. Specify size, style, colour, and mailing address. We’ll get back to you with billing details.

Available styles, sizes, quantities remaining:

Bamboo T-Shirts, Black
XL – 3

Bamboo T-shirts, White
S – 21
M – 6
L – 10
XL — 2

Cotton T-shirts, White
M Youth – 5
L Youth – 5
XL Youth – 3
S — 1
M – 3
L – 2

Cotton T-shirts, Black
XL Youth – 2
S – 1
M – 5
L – 9

Polo Shirts, White
S – 3
M – 5
L – 4


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