Herr WIP in Bern, der Travelblog, part drei

I made Bern by noon after a short ride on a Swiss electric train from Bern.The Swiss trains are so maddeningly swift and silent that it is difficult to enjoy the ride. After debarking in Bern central station I had short walk to the hotel through acres of old historic buildings. The river that bisects the town is called the Aane; like everything else in Switzerland it seemed to be orderly and well mannered, keeping nicely within its banks. The city looks much like K-W did 500 years ago before the Great Fire wiped out what Charlemagne had built along the Grand.

I had a nap this afternoon and then repaired to the Propeller Bar for drinks with my hosts, Berndt and Eva. Berndt teaches at the Goethe Institut in Munich;  Eva is a Wissenschaftliche Assistenz (which is an assistant professor, though you really have to love having Wissenschaft in your title) at the uni here in Bern. Both speak flawless English, as does everybody else I’ve met. The other important note is that the chocolate is superb and ubiquitous.
Now I must catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow trout fishing in Switzerland begins.  I wonder if I’m ready?

2 responses to “Herr WIP in Bern, der Travelblog, part drei

  1. Thanks to the updates, Mr. WIP. Any photos to share?

  2. Trout Fishing in Switzerland? Is Mr WIP attending a Richard Brautigan conference?

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