English education begins in earnest

The second week of the fall term wraps up today at the University of Waterloo. Classes are now in full swing, with students and teachers settling into their pedagogical roles with varying degrees of ease and facility.  Pictured below is Professor McMurry’s 700 class, an introduction to rhetorical studies.

For other professors, fall is a research term, a chance to put the final touches on a long-gestating article or perhaps to begin a new one. Who knows what exciting contributions to thought are beginning to form behind the closed doors that line Hagey Hall?

Outside the classrooms and offices,  across the vast lawns and flowered terraces of our beautiful campus, young folk are enjoying the sunshine, welcoming in the weekend with spontaneous games and stunts:

All are happy for the brief respite from teaching and learning. Monday will come round again soon enough.

But not everyone is going home: chairs, deans, and other dedicated administrators and staff continue their good work through the night and into the weekend. Excellence and innovation never take a day off.


3 responses to “English education begins in earnest

  1. To the English department, living is a fine art…

  2. This is wonderful and hilarious.

  3. Memo to colleagues and staff, Re: Graphic #2.
    Someone tell me when I forget to turn off my webcam, huh?
    Yours very truly, –Professor Randy Allen Wagstaff

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