At the end of term

What are you doing at the end of Winter term 2012?

Here is what some of us are doing. Professors are marking final essays and other projects. As well as attending many, many meetings. And setting exams.  And writing conference papers.

Graduate students are handing in chapters of theses and dissertations or writing lengthy essays for courses. Or they are building digital projects. Or they are pulling together proposals, applications, bibliographies. And writing conference papers.

Undergraduates are swotting for and writing exams.

Oh, how I remember final exams. The panic when you turn over the examination paper. The relief when words start to come. The aching hand from much frenzied writing (when, oh when, will students be  able to write exams on computers?). The frantic clock watching. The great sense of release when it is over. The second-guessing that quickly follows. As a professor who invigilates exams I am often overcome with a profound feeling of (well, almost) love for my students when they are writing exams. It’s the last time we’ll gather together in one place. Many of the students I’ll never see again. I can almost see their brains working. And I want to support and help and encourage them. It’s a bittersweet sense of an ending.

Good luck everyone with all of your end-of-term work!

Alumni and friends, what do you remember about how the end of term feels? Please tell us.


One response to “At the end of term

  1. Well, one thing I am doing is catching up on our department’s wonderful Blog! I am also working on a paper, and dealing with the usual administrivia–and some administrative non-trivia–that comes with the position of Chair.

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