English students rock!

Last week we held the English department Awards ceremony, which recognizes student achievement in all areas of their various labours: scholarship, teaching, and creative writing. It’s always such a “feel good” event. Professors, staff, family, and friends all feel proud. We are continually reminded of how darned SMART and TALENTED our students are. And it’s great to gather together in one place to hear some readings, to hear what judges have to say about excellent student work, to chat and to cheer. Oh, and the refreshments were lovely too!

Special thanks to Professor Heather Smyth who organized the Awards Ceremony, and Fiona McAlister, Jenn Crane, and Margaret Ulbrick who all helped to make this a lovely end-of-term event.

Here’s a list of the winners:

English 251A Exam Award: Sarasvathi Kannan

Albert Shaw Poetry Prize: Douglas R. Guilbeault

English Society Creative Writing Award for Poetry: Lindsay Davison

English Society Creative Writing Award for Prose: Sarasvathi Kannan

Grade Average Awards: 2A Natalie Dewan; 2B Nicole Kuiper; 3 A/B Matthew Wilson 4 A/B Daniel Etigson

Co-op Work Term Report: Jenna Hoffman; Honourable Mention: Rachel Klein

Hibbard Prize: Adam Lawlor and Jennifer Pepper (tied)

Canadian Literature Prize: Duncan Ramsay

Andrew James Dugan Prize in Literature: Justin Begley

Andrew James Dugan Prize in Rhetoric and Professional Writing: Rosabeth Birky Koehn

The History and Theory of Rhetoric Award: Amanda Ross; Runner-up: Erin Taylor

The Rhetoric and Professional Writing Award: Pravneet Bilkhu

The Rhetoric and Digital Design Award: Brittany Gregorio; Runner-up: Ken Cooper

Beltz Essay Prizes: M.A.: Jonathan Doering and Stephanie Jorgensen (tied)

Ph.D: Sarah Gibbons

Graduate Creative Writing Awards: Poetry: Morteza Dehghani; Prose: Lacey Beer

Grade Average Awards: M.A. Jonathan Doering; Ph.D: Sarah Gibbons

TA Award for Excellence in Teaching: Jay Rawding

Independent Graduate Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching: Danila Sokolov

Congratulations to all! Here are some photos. Don’t we look awesome!

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One response to “English students rock!

  1. Gord Higginson

    Congrats everyone!

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