A conferencing we go Part 4!

Happy Spring Friday! Here is another sampling of uW English faculty members who will be presenting their research and/or participating in roundtable discussions at Congress 2012.

Next week I’ll be post a story about the Congress participation of our wonderful, talented, smart, and accomplished graduate students. So please come back and read about that.

Professor Winfried Siemerling is presenting at the Association for Canadian and Quebec Literatures/L’Association des littératures canadiennes et québécoise (ACQL/ALCQ).  He will be taking part in a panel titled “The Middle Passage as Global History in Contemporary African Canadian Writing / À qui appartient l’Atlantique noir? Le Passage du Milieu en tant qu’histoire mondiale dans la littérature africo-canadienne contemporaine.” The other presenters are close colleagues: Dr. Tanis MacDonald from WLU and Dr. Veronica Austen from St Jerome’s University. This panel looks awesome!

“‘A lantern trapping light’: The Middle Passage in Dionne Brand’s Ossuaries”, Tanis MacDonald

“Witnessing and Our Contemporaneity with the Past: Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes “, Winfried Siemerling

“Eating Words: Letter-Writing and the Failures(?) of Communication in M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!”, Veronica Austen.

I too will be presenting at ACQL/ALCQ. I’m co-presenting with Dr. Alan Filewod from the University of Guelph. Our paper (co-authored) is called “ Visual Silence and Graphic Memory : An Interdisciplinary Approach to Scott Chantler’s Two Generals ”

Professor Michael MacDonald has been busy. He has organized a panel about Marshall McLuhan and media war for the Canadian Communication Association. In addition to his essay, “Martial McLuhan” [great title, eh?] the panel features papers by war correspondent and photojournalist Rita Leistner (Victoria College, U Toronto), Edward Comor (Faculty of Information and Media Studies, U Western Ontario), and our own PhD student, Stephen Wilcox.

Professor MacDonald will also be presenting a paper on William Shakespeare – “‘The Words of Mercury’: Shakespeare and Sophistic Rhetoric” – at the conference of Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies.

As you can see, our faculty members are often presenting or involved in more than one event. Professor Heather Smyth is doing two gigs at the Canadian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (CACLALS). First, presenting a paper titled “Overcoming Cultural and Racialized Divides.” And she is also participating in a Special Roundtable: “Stepping Forward, Looking Back: Post-colonial, Global, Transnational, and Diasporic Studies in the 21st Century” which features an international panel of scholars.

Congress is a time to get excited about our research and that which our colleagues are undertaking. It’s a time to meet up with old friends, mentors and allies who, because of the size of our country and the fact that many of us have colleagues in other countries, we only occasionally get to see. And, it’s a chance to visit the book fair and BUY NEW BOOKS. For me, that’s a major thrill!


3 responses to “A conferencing we go Part 4!

  1. Gord Higginson

    Speaking of new books, are there any new titles that you would recommend, Prof. Warley? Many thanks.

  2. Gord Higginson

    Again, excellent and insightful speakers!

  3. Gord Higginson

    Speaking of new books, a new edition of The Little Brown Compact Handbook (fifth Canadian edition) by Jane Aaron and uWaterloo’s own Aimee Morrison is due this week at uWaterloo’s Bookstore!

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