A conferencing we go! Part 3

Congress 2012 will be the venue where many different academic associations hold their annual meetings, and uW and SJU English faculty, sessional instructors, and graduate students will be participating in many of them. Here is a sampling of the research going on in the literature side of the English department/s that will be showcased. There will be more to come in subsequent posts, so please watch this space. Exciting times around here!

Professor Ken Graham has organized a session for the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies. The session is called “Religious Mystery and Rational Citizenship in Shakespeare, Herbert, and Milton,” and his own paper is titled “The Mysterious Discipline of Paradise Lost.”

uW English department Chair Professor Fraser Easton will chair a joint session co-sponsored by ACCUTE and CSESC (Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies). Colleague Professor Rebecca Tierney-Hynes will give a paper in that session called “Cruel Imitation: Sympathy and Affectation in Fielding’s Drama.”

SJU English department Chair Professor Norman Klassen has organized a panel called “Rowan Williams and the Making of the Christian Imagination” as part of the Christianity and Literature Study Group (CLSG). He will be presenting “What a World Is: Coherence in the Thought of Rowan Williams.”

And yours truly has organized a session for ACCUTE called “Mothers’ Stories of War,” which includes a paper by uW English PhD candidate Lamees Al Ethari who will present a paper titled “Recollecting Motherhood in Dunya Mikhail’s ‘Bag of Bones’.”

Oh, and another keynote speaker at Congress will be renowned author–and uW honorary degree recipient– Jane Urquhart.


One response to “A conferencing we go! Part 3

  1. An excellent line-up of speakers!

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