A conferencing we go! Part 2

As promised, the first of a series of posts about uW English department members’ participation at Congress 2012.

Professor Marcel O’Gorman is involved in two presentations, one a more traditional panel presentation for the Canadian Communication Association, the other, well, more unusual!

Professor O’Gorman is part of a panel with Nick Rombes (former CML artist/researcher in residence) and uW English PhD candidate Danielle Stock. The panel is called “Dirty Bodies and Dead Media: Recent Projects from the Critical Media Lab.” (love it!)

Also….The Critical Media Lab goes mobile. Here’s a description of what is planned.

The Mobile CrimeLab

The University of Waterloo Critical Media Lab (CML), located in downtown Kitchener, supports interdisciplinary research-creation projects that draw on new media to investigate the impact of technology on society and the human condition. Funded by SSHRC and CFI, the CML is the home of the English Department’s new M.A. in Experimental Digital Media (XDM), and plays host to research groups, international conferences, a Visiting Artist/Researcher, and collaborations with local artists and cultural organizations.

In 2012, the “CrimeLab” will move out of its current storefront location at 158 King Street West to a new site yet to be determined. In response to the Congress 2012 theme of “At the Crossroads,” the CML will celebrate its nomadic status by relocating to a 24-foot truck this May, which will be parked on the campus of Wilfrid Laurier University during the conference. Delegates will be invited to enter the truck and examine some of the interactive projects completed by the CML collaborators, including “Cycle of Dread,” “Teat Tweet,” and “Cabs of Curiosity.”  In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to sign out handheld devices that can be used to experience some of the CML’s mobile applications, including “Geomosaic,” which makes artistic use of geotracking software, and a new project created with CML Visiting Artist/Researcher, N. Katherine Hayles, which involves Augmented Reality, biofeedback, and mobile computing.

The Mobile CrimeLab will not only serve as an on-site gallery showcasing unique critical media projects, it will also act as a screening surface for evening projections. The CML will solicit video work from students and artists created specifically for Congress 2012, and this will be showcased on the side of the truck. The entire project will be overseen by CML Director, Marcel O’Gorman.

For this project to be successful, the truck must be located in a prominent area of the conference with a high rate of foot traffic. Ideally, it would be placed close to the “beer tent,” where it will serve as a vehicle for entertainment, provocation, and stimulating discussion about the role of scholarship in an “uncertain world.”


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