A conferencing we go! Part 1

As winter term trudges to an end–though it’s a very springy day today and there’s lightness and freshness in the air…

So let’s start this again: as winter term winds down, many of your English professors and graduate students are looking forward to conference season. Of course, conferences take place throughout the year, but the end of May/beginning of June is special. Even more special this year because CONGRESS will be here in KW, jointly hosted by uW and WLU down the road.

What is Congress, you ask? The full name is Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and it’s an umbrella organization that brings together various academic associations for their annual meetings. It’s a big deal. It happens at a different Canadian university every year, and there’s always an overarching theme. This year the theme is “Crossroads: Scholarship for an Uncertain World.”

It is our academic fair. We attend plenary lectures by luminaries; we deliver papers and we listen to papers given by our peers; we meet up with old friends and we make new ones; we chat and network; we party! My favourite part is the book fair, where the presses bring their shiny new books and give you discounts šŸ™‚

Over the next few posts I’m going to give you a sample of the work that uW English people will be engaged in at Congress. In the meantime, you can check out the Congress website by clicking here.

Yes, Margaret Atwood will be giving a plenary! As well as other amazing Canadians.

So exciting!


One response to “A conferencing we go! Part 1

  1. Gord Higginson

    I wonder if Atwood will be autographing her books there? She is a good author to collect, and not only for the strength of her writing. A first edition of The Circle Game can go for $800 to $900, if in excellent condition!

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