How do you know when it’s almost spring?

As winter term continues we note the subtle changes that are welcome signs of spring. It’s lighter in the morning when we get on/in the bus/bike/car or walk to the university. It’s light for a lot longer as suppertime approaches. There are (yes) Canada Geese everywhere on campus, and they might be getting a bit bossy. Soon they will be producing their young. Students are wearing shoes instead of snowboots. Backpacks are not covered in snow. Professors trundle to classrooms across campus (well, English professors often have to trundle across campus since there are so few classrooms at our end or in our building) without hats. We are getting reminders about exam schedules. Students are madly writing essays and other assignments and we professors are receiving them. In piles. To be marked.

But for me, the most definitive sign that it’s almost spring is when it’s roll up the rim time!


3 responses to “How do you know when it’s almost spring?

  1. Gord Higginson

    I hope you win the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Prof.Warley!

  2. Humans versus Zombies returning to campus is a definite sign of spring…as well as pre-enrollment for Fall. One free coffee so far. XD

  3. Gord Higginson

    Supposed to go up to 21 C on Thurs. That’s not spring, that’s summer! Happy End-of-Winter, everyone!

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