N. Katherine Hayles to talk at uWaterloo

I was bound and determined when I started this blog that it would not just be a space in which I passed along announcements. But guess what? There’s a heck of a lot of good stuff going on this year, much of it organized by Professor Jay Dolmage, the Department’s visiting speakers co-ordinator, and also through the Critical Media Lab, founded by Professor Marcel O’Gorman. Other members of the department also put their time and effort into bringing writers, academics, artists, and other “friends of English” to meet and talk to and with us. The Reading series at St. Jerome’s is just one other shining example. This means that the Department of English is a rich intellectual environment that, frankly, jazzes up the brain (sorry, I’ve been thinking a lot about jazz lately, having heard Esi Edugyan’s reading a couple of weeks ago and currently teaching her novel Half-Blood Blues). We are grateful for the opportunity to hear from such smart, gifted, and generous people. Thank you to all who participate in any way!

Anyway…..N. Katherine Hayles will be here! Whoop! She’s FAMOUS! Super famous!

Renowned media scholar N. Katherine Hayles will deliver a talk on Tuesday, March 6th in AL 124 at 4:30 pm

Dr. Hayles will co-present with three of her graduate students, Patrick Jagoda, Ainsley Sutherland, and Patrick Lemieux.  Dr. Hayles will be speaking about “Speculation,” a multi-player, Alternate Reality Game, based on a post-apocalyptic scenario in which markets have crashed and corporations control the world.

N. Katherine Hayles is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Program in Literature at Duke University.  She is the award-winning author of nine books, including Electronic Literature (2008), My Mother Was A Computer (2005), Writing Machines (2002), and How We Became Posthuman (1999).

You’ve got to admire anyone who can title a scholarly book “My Mother Was a Computer,” I say.

Please remember that the department talks are open to EVERYONE.

And a reminder as well that there’s a talk THIS AFTERNOON on “Disabling Failure: Sex, Embodiment and Crip Critique.”Click the link for details.


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