Two fabulous guest speakers talk about bodies and sex

EVERYONE is welcome to attend the English department’s visiting speakers’ talks! Come by after work or class to hear what promises to be a fascinating discussion.

On Thursday March 1st, distinguished scholars Morgan Holmes and RobertMcRuer will collaborate to deliver a talk and facilitate a discussion on the theme of  “Disabling Failure: Sex, Embodiment, and Crip Critique.”

The talk will take place at 4:30 pm at the University of Waterloo, DWE 3518.

Dr. McRuer is Professor of English at George Washington University.  His
book Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability was the MLA
Alan Bray Award winner in 2007.  He is currently completing a book
tentatively titled “Crip Time: Essays on Disability, Sexuality, and
Neoliberalism,” considering locations of disability within contemporary
political economies and the roles that disabled movements and
representations play in countering hegemonic forms of globalization.

Dr. Holmes is Associate Professor of Sociology at Wilfrid Laurier
University, and is the author of Critical Intersex.  Her work brings
together sexuality and queer theory and feminist thought with qualitative
health research and law related to sexuality and health.

Please click this: Disabling Failure Poster

And thanks to Professor Jay Dolmage for organizing this event. What rich activities we have been enjoying this term. Brightens up my winter!



2 responses to “Two fabulous guest speakers talk about bodies and sex

  1. Sound like enlightening speakers!

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