Giller Prize winning author Esi Edugyan to read at Waterloo!

I can hardly wait for this!

On Thursday, February 16th, Giller Prize winner Esi Edugyan will be
reading from her novel Half Blood Blues here at Waterloo.

Thursday February 16th, 7:00 pm
Siegfried Hall, St. Jerome’s University, Waterloo
Our own Win Siemerling will be the MC for the event.

Here is some information about the novel, from the Giller jury’s citation:

“Imagine Mozart were a black German trumpet player and Salieri a bassist,and 18th century Vienna were WWII Paris; that’s Esi Edugyan’s joyful lament, Half Blood Blues.  It’s conventional to liken the prose in novels about jazz to the music itself, as though there could be no higher praise.

In this case, say rather that any jazz musician would be happy to play the
way Edugyan writes.  Her style is deceptively conversational and easy, but
with the simultaneous exuberance and discipline of a true prodigy.  Put
this book next to Louis Armstrong’s “West End Blues” – these two works of
art belong together.”

Interestingly, Half Blood Blues is also the current (and inaugural)
selection for the Globe and Mail’s online book club:

Big thanks to Professors Jay Dolmage and Win Siemerling for organizing this reading. I’m studying the novel with my students in ENGL 318. What great timing!


One response to “Giller Prize winning author Esi Edugyan to read at Waterloo!

  1. How did she come up with the “idea” behind the plot? I wish I knew where writers get their ideas…it would be great to tap into their source.

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