Another fabulous uWaterloo English meets the community event

Professor Marcel O’Gorman, director of the Critical Media Lab and well known critic and teacher of digital (and other) technologies, is giving a talk this Saturday, December 17th at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener as part of the RAM (Rethinking Art and Machine) exhibit. From the website:

Upcoming Speakers

Technology, Art, and Prosthetics with Marcel O’Gorman

Saturday December 17th | 1pm

Marshall McLuhan described media technologies as “extensions of man,” prosthetic devices that enhance our senses. This idea has come to define how we understand the contemporary human being in the Western world. But what if we have always been technological, always prosthetic, from the moment our ancient ancestors first used a piece of flint to crush a skull? From this perspective the human does not exist without technology. Marcel O’Gorman will make this bold argument while discussing several of the projects in the RAM exhibition.

Everyone is welcome. It would be especially great to see some alumni there. Take a break from your Christmas shopping! Feed your brain!Say hello!


One response to “Another fabulous uWaterloo English meets the community event

  1. I’ve been thinking of going to see RAM, since exams are almost done.

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