To collaborate: definitions from the OED:

1) To work in conjunction with another or others, to co-operate; esp. in a literary or artistic production, or the like.

2)  To co-operate traitorously with the enemy.

I love those double meanings. Collaboration as both productive and destructive.

Recently Professor Aimee Morrison co-wrote with her colleagues at Hook & Eye an article for University Affairs about collaboration in the Humanities. Please read the article here. It’s short!

What are your thoughts about collaborative work?

I do a lot of collaborative research and writing, and I love it.  What about you? What is your experience of working in teams or groups to produce collaborative projects? Has it been positive or not? Alumni readers, I’m also looking at you. 🙂



One response to “Collaboration

  1. I have collaborated with you, Linda, and that was a model for me of how mutual accountability led to much better outcomes than I would have achieved on my own — and not just that, but to have the whole scholarly backgrounds of TWO people brought to bear on a research question? Wow.

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