Cancellation: Meet the Artists

It’s such a gorgeous Fall day today here in Waterloo. Everything is sunny. But I have some disappointing news. “Meet the Artists,” the special alumni event that was to take place on Saturday September 24th has been CANCELLED. Those who bought tickets for the museum tour, roundtable discussion, and reception will be refunded.

But wait! All is not lost!

The PHARMAKON exhibit at the Critical Media lab is open to the public, as is the RAM exhibit at THEMUSEUM. If you are with the English department say so at the desk and you can get into THEMUSEUM for $10, and then the RAM exhibit is free.

There’s lots of excitement about the SLSA conference (Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts). There will be hundreds of academics  and artists talking about their work, and it’s all happening in various locales in downtown Kitchener. Feel free to register for the conference if you are interested.

We hope to meet up with alumni soon. Stay tuned to this blog and to our Facebook page for information about forthcoming events–and, of course, just to read about all things that have to do with the English department. If you look to the right you’ll see a button that will let you subscribe to the blog. If you subscribe you’ll get an email notification of new posts.

Oh, and please get in touch with me if you have news, a story, an idea, a suggestion. This blog is about and for YOU.  I am merely your humble scribe.

Happy first day of autumn.


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